Take Time for You


Today as a wait for someone to arrive at a meeting, I have time for myself. I can’t remember the last time that I actually had enough energy to do something for me that wasn’t on my “errand” or “must do today list.”

This time is precious because I didn’t used to receive it before when I ran late from one meeting to the next. You can’t help others, let alone yourself if you’re always running around trying to get things done. You become just a person going through the motions and even when you do finally get to the person/organization you were going to help, you’re not present. Physically yes, but mentally no.

It’s sad actually because in a Harvard Business Review article in September of 2012, numerous studies were conducted by Cassie Mogilner, and found that in each experiment the people who lent a hand to others felt as if they had more time than the people who did not.

I can only guess but I would think it helps to be fully present to gain satisfaction and time when volunteering.

So next time you’re in between activities, take time for you. Whether it be to clear your mind, to rest, to pray, etc… Take time. You only get so much of it.

Quit and Move On: Why Facebook is like a Poor Newsletter

An opinion piece was recently published in Yahoo! Voices and I wanted to share a quick preview. I encourage you to check out the full article and share your feedback. Do you agree or disagree?

I quit Facebook because it reminded me too much of a poor startup newsletter: it’s content completely dispersed, no solid direction, and desperate for readers. Dispersed. When you first open Facebook in the morning, you’re not sure what to expect. It could be a morning salutation, an inspiration quote or a rant. Let’s not forget that one random person that still “pokes” you…

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